Three giant seagulls in a crowd. A woman takes a photo of the larger-than-life seagull puppets.

Hide your hot chippies

  • Where

    Bondi Beach Find the gulls flapping around Bondi Beach and Bondi Pavilion

  • When

    14 January 2024
    at 9:45am

  • Cost

  • Contact

    Sydney Festival


    (02) 8248 6500

Hot chips. Items of clothing. Even the kids. Nothing is too big or small for an unruly seagull. 

Snuff Puppets’ giant Seagulls descend in a noisy quarrelsome pack. These unruly scavengers devour everything in their path. You might lose your hat as they fight each other for the finest spoils. 

Based in Naarm/Melbourne, the always anarchic Snuff Puppets have built an international reputation for puppetry that breaks down all barriers between performer and audience. Seagulls is classic Snuff: out and about, in your face and in this case, likely to be rooting around in your shopping bag, flying off with your hat or fighting for that one thing all gulls go mad for – a hot chip.

Since 1992, Snuff Puppets have been unleashing their giant hand-made puppet spectacles on millions of people worldwide and the company has amassed a huge online following, racking up over 300 million views on its award-winning YouTube channel.

From Belgium to Taiwan, Bulgaria to China, thousands have had a close-up encounter with these unruly but charismatic Aussie scavengers. And now, Seagulls will be flocking to Bondi Beach this summer in free roaming performances. Keep your wits about you, Bondi.

Roving performances on Sunday 14 January at 9.45am, 11.45am & 1.15pm.
Duration: 30 minutes

A Sydney Festival event made possible with support from Waverley Council.

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“The squawking birds waddled after cyclists and charged at people whipping their phones out to record the spectacle.”

- The Straights Times

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