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The art of Bondi

Bondi Pavilion’s Art Gallery is a celebration of local and international contemporary art.

The Pav's Art Gallery is home to our ongoing exhibition program showcasing local, national and international contemporary artists all year-round.

Wall-to-wall. Floor-to-ceiling. Experience bodies of work made by creative minds for creative minds. Experience the local art scene and nationally recognised artists. Our gallery program seeks to empower artists and inspire the community.

With over 30 years of exhibiting emerging, mid-career and professional artists in a beachside setting, we lean on our unique place in the Australian cultural landscape to present works that spark imagination and invite you to lose yourself in a moment.

The gallery is a curated space that holds exhibition for locals and visitors alike to enjoy as a cultural experience and as such the gallery is not a space available to artists to hire for an exhibition of their works.

Artists interested in exhibiting in the Bondi Pavilion building can apply to do so via the Pav’s venue hire team. The Pav has a dedicated community flexible cultural space, the Yalagang Room. The Yalagang Room has a bespoke gallery hanging system and is fully equipped to host community exhibitions.

For further information please contact the venue hire team.

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