Top view of Bondi Pavilion

The new Bondi Pavilion was designed and built to deliver positive outcomes in relation to climate change, resource efficiency, water use, ecology, and health and wellbeing.

After 12 months of operation to verify results, the building is expected to receive a 5-Star rating under the Green Building Council of Australia Green Star rating system. The design and materials aim to:

Increase resource efficiency and waste minimisation

  • 80% of the original structure of the building was maintained and 90% of the construction waste was reused or recycled

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • Optimal sustainable energy features and passive design to reduce energy consumption
  • A rooftop array of 217 solar panels will generate 70% of the building’s energy demand.
  • Powered by 100% renewable electricity at all times, through Council’s new electricity retailer.
  • A Building Monitoring System that can remotely control ventilation and increase use of outside air during periods of mild weather, thus improving air quality, reducing use of air conditioning and increasing energy efficiency.

Reduce water consumption

  • Use of high efficiency tapware and sanitary fixtures
  • Use of treated recycled stormwater for toilet flushing and garden irrigation

Enhance local ecological value

  • Incorporation of a landscaped zone within the courtyard and perimeter of the building that includes a combination of native plants and palm trees.
  • New mass planted mounds in the courtyards.

A haven for community, arts and culture