• Capacity

    2900 people

  • Size and Location

    2667sqm combined courtyard capacity
    Ground floor

  • Used for

    Promotional events , Markets, Launches, Fundraisers, External performances, Large events

  • Availability

    Monday - Saturday
    7am - 11pm

    7am - 10pm

Step outside and stay a while

The landscaped Garu (northern) and Guya (southern) Courtyards are situated at the back of the Pavilion and can be used separately or as an entire outdoor area.

The internal courtyards are large, open and beautiful landscaped public and accessible spaces designed to be enjoyed by all.

The courtyards house a series of palm trees providing shaded areas with outdoor seating. Lawned grass areas are ideal for relaxing, soaking up the sun as well as alfresco dining where you can enjoy a meal or coffee making this an ideal meeting place.

The courtyard areas are well defined by the beachfront entrance which is directly aligned with the rear Gatehouse and side wings located in the northern and southern sectors. The lush green setting ideal for digital nomads and visitors.

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  • 3 Phase Power

  • level access-entrance

Standard Rate

  • Per square metre (min 100sqm): $10/sqm/day
  • Charity/Not-for-profit (min 100sqm): $5/sqm/day

Large Scale Events (using indoor and outdoor spaces)

  • Corporate/Commercial: $26,875/day
  • Standard Rate: $16,125/day
  • Charity/Not-for-profit: $8,065/day
  • Security Bond: $10,000

(Not-for-profits groups receive 50% discount on rates)

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